Claudia Ugrin Prof. Física – Escuela Waldorf Clara de Asís – Ing. Maschwitz – Bs As

Technology has brought great benefits to humanity, its main role is to create an improvement in tools and accessories to facilitate and save effort and time in our daily lives.
Nowadays we can observe positive and negative impacts in our society, and in the development of individual capacities.
What are these impacts?
How can we observe them?
Which ones are beneficial and which ones are not?

Our purpose is to approach the subject from the following approaches:
Communication, how does peer communication affect? How do we relate? Do we achieve true encounters?
Health, What happens at the metabolic, neuronal and physical levels?
Behavioral, How is the use of technology manifested in our social and individual behavior? What happens at the volitional level?
Image of man from anthroposophy do new technologies influence the evolution of human beings? What challenges do you propose at this level of our evolution?
And in the pedagogical question
Is it necessary to integrate them into the development of the class? How to do it?
How do we present the world to our young people, fragmented or integrated?
How do young people go about the development of their individuality in a globalized world?
How does the youth live today between different cultures?

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