In a permanent research and creative process, in a constantly  evolving world that is becoming, we ask ourselves:

  • How do Young people go about the development of their individuality in a globalized world?
  • How we do present the world to our Young people, fragmented or integrated?
  • Which are the social impulses that lead us to he future?

Our challenge will be to share research process which include previous and interdisciplinary work


Sunday July 14:Willy Scallan

2 to 6 pm registration:

6pm opening:
Artistic presentation by the Eurythmy School of Buenos Aires

July 15 to 19

8:30ampresentation of research performed and further exploration and deepening

10:30am coffee break

11amInner path, different practices for self-development

  • Six basic exercises
  • Teacher´s meditacions
  • Observation of youngsters’ soul characteristics, metals and planets 
  • Goethianistic observation of phenomena
  • Soul´s calendar
  • Eightfold path
  • Goethe´s prose maxims

12.15pm Interdisciplinary work groups by reseach subject

  • Poetic languages today
  • Organic Geometry
  • Fractals
  • New technologies and social networks
  • Youngsters´soul development in current times
  • Foods of the world
  • Substance
  • Evolution from the anthroposofical viewpoint

2pm lunch

3.30 pm Practical Research Spaces

  • The waldorf school as a social organism, research work by parents and teachers 
  • Physical education: from 9th to 12th grades
  • Movement
  • Pottery workshop from 9th to 12th grades, fundamental experiences
  • Modeling of platonic bodies
  • Education of the senses through modelling and its pedagogical value
  • Textile work, how the will acts in the development of independent judgement from 8th to 11th grades
  • ?

5pm coffee break

6.30 pmArtistic Presentations

San Telmo school juvenil orchestra (self managed social Enterprise), directed by Clara Ackermann (waldrf alumni)

Tango night: Clara de Asís pupil´s orchestra;  Waldorf alumni presentation; open class and “milonga” (dance)

Lodging:We have 120 free slepping spaces available at Rudolf Steiner School and 30 in family homes. There are also nearby payable lodging possibilities.

Pre registration deadline: Friday may 24, 2019

Registration and payment: Sunday july 14, from 2 to 6pm. Cost is U$S 100 and cash only.