The International Working Days for High School Waldorf Teachers will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from July 15 to July 19, 2019

The idea of those working days is to get together and share our investigations, experiences and work together. In order to do that we summon all High School Waldorf teachers of different subjects to form groups and investigate pedagogical aspects that are related to the questions and themes that convoke us:

Which are the social impulses of the future?

Are there new social impulses?

Why should we work this subject with young people?

How can we help to awaken the individuality in young people?

In Latin America there are already two groups that have begun to investigate: Proyective Geometry, and a search for the Latin Amerincan approach to the World. 

We warmly invite our colleagues worldwide to work in groups and investigate, either joining existing groups or creating new ones with different subjects. These groups will generate the morning presentations. Work in groups will follow, in which teachers will get deeper into the subjects presented in the previous presentations.

The inner path will be another area of investigation, which will take place after the work in groups. There will be different options: Meditations for Teachers, The Eightfold Path, Observation of phenomenon, the Soul Calendar, Complementary exercises.

We´ll also meet in interdisciplinary groups to work in areas of common interest, or by subjets, such as Natural Science, Art, Movement, Social Science, etc, in which there will be, during the week, an exchange of experiences and practice.The aim is to generate  opportunities  of active exchange of previous investigations, that have been experienced with the students in the classroom.