Lidia Vílchez, Prof. Historia y Geografía – Escuela Waldorf Clara de Asís – Ing. Maschwitz – Bs As
Miguel Tauszig, Prof. Geografía – Escuela San Miguel Arcángel – Villa Adelina – Bs

The original idea was to investigate the following topics in different countries or regions of the world:

1- More traditional dishes

2- Most frequent dishes

3- Food that allows a large part of the population to survive

4- Food that the population produces to sell and have income

5- Foods that are exported

Several of the above may or may not coincide but the idea is to have a complete picture of the subject of food in one place, and its destination; and if they are native foods or introduced from what other places.

We would like to approach the question of what are the implications of food on the environment and the human being when they are not native to that place.

When we talk about the environment we think about: soil, vegetation, fauna, ecosystems, climate, waters, etc.

And when referring to the human being, we take into account health, societies, their cultures, the State, the economy, international trade, etc.

This first approach to the topic led some researchers to focus and study foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, tomatoes, cacao, avocado, chili or hot pepper. 

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